Schlern-Rosengarten Nature Park

The Schlern-Rosengarten Nature Park with the protected resort Seiser Alm, makes up the biggest high-alpine pasture in Europe with a total of 55 km² of nature idyll. Schlern Mountain is the name-giver of the Nature Park. With its two elevations Santner and Euringer it is considered a symbol of South Tyrol. The Nature Park covers the communities of Kastelruth, Völs am Schlern and Tiers am Rosengarten. In 2003, the protected area of the Nature Park in the community of Tiers was extended. Since then, the imposing Rosengarten massif has also been part of the Nature Park.

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Schlern Mountain is surrounded by mixed needle forests. Völser Weiher lake in the Nature Park is surrounded by a spruce forest. The surface of the small lake is about 1 ha, whereby almost half of the lake has been declared a habitat. Völser Weiher lake is a popular destination in the Nature Park especially in summer.

It provides excellent conditions for the unique flora and fauna. The forests surrounding the Schlern Mountain are the home of many different bird species. However, also chamois, golden eagles and alpine jackdaws are not a rarity. The fauna is also very impressive: Crocus and alpine rose, primrose and alpine thrift grow here.

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At the entry to the Tschamin Valley near Weißlahnbad, you can visit the Nature Park House in the former “Steger Sawmill”. It provides information on the geology of Schlern, but also on the formation of the Dolomites in general. A rare example of a water-driven Venetian sawmill can also be admired.


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